Choosing the type of lawn

A crucial step in the establishment of a lawn and the success of the work is to choose the right turf according to its destination, location and climatic and environmental factors.


Lawn – Maintenance works

What are the main lawn maintenance works? How can balanced fertilization be achieved? How to mow the lawn? What other works can be carried out for lawn growth and development? Find out in this article.

Turf rolls – installation and care guide

It is considered that, unlike seeded turf, sod established by rolling is less resistant, plants are sensitised by transport and handling, and the chances of catching are lower. However, a hardy, healthy-looking lawn can be obtained quickly and easily if certain steps and care rules are followed.

Lawn-specific pests, information and control

Mammals and small insects can damage the lawn, depending on the intensity of their attack, but also on the vegetative phase during which they attack. Insects play a very important role in the ecosystem. Even if most do not cause damage, some of them can destroy turf surfaces.

lawn treatments disease control

Lawn, pest and disease control

What are the specific pests and diseases of lawn? What treatments can be carried out and which products are approved? What other measures can be applied for integrated control? Find out in this article.


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Lawn, pest and disease control
Lawn, pest and disease control

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